"He’s better than me. I have a funny feeling he will have his own show here one day." 

- Jamie Cullum


"There is enough talent and individuality in his act for him to make his mark nationally and not just for a year or three." 

- The Stage  

" I found this boy on Youtube and I had to invite him to come and play with my band. He’s great!" 

- Walter Trout 


Born in Kingston Upon - Hull, David took to the piano at the age of 8 years old, having starter lessons off his school Headmaster, John. He took to the piano naturally and showed a flare for the blues and Jazz style of piano playing in his early stages. Guided by his father, Freddie, a guitarist, David explored the realms of blues music, listening to his father's inspirations such as BB King, Eric Clapton, Walter Trout and Joe Bonamassa and was encouraged to maybe try the guitar also.

After a few months of lessons, David decided he wanted to stick at the piano and save up to buy one. After several gigs, David managed to scrape up the grand total of a few quid and there was news of an electric piano going for sale locally from a lady who's Husband played, but had sadly just passed away. Unfortunately, David didn't have enough money to buy the piano, but was helped out by his parents and the kind gesture of the lady selling the piano, who asked for a new living room carpet in exchange for the piano. David now had his first piano!


He went on to develop his own style of piano playing, by listening to Jazz pianists such as Oscar Peterson, James.P. Johnson, Eroll Garner, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea. In 1996, David went to his first music concert at Hull City Hall, hosted by the one and only Jools Holland & His Rhythm and Blues Orchestra. Blown away by his piano skills, David taught himself the rudiments of boogie-woogie piano and merged this into his love for blues and jazz music. 

“I remember recording a cassette tape to give to Jools at his gig. I was 9 years old and really embarrassed about handing it over to him and managed to get the cassette conveniently stuck in my pocket when the opportunity came to hand it over, accompanied by my dad telling me to hurry up, hurry up, he's here!! I did eventually manage to get a recording to Jools a few years later with the hope of one day having a boogie with him on his piano. Apparently it went in his CD changer in his car.. but who knows! ”

David managed to meet up with Jools backstage several years later through some friends of his who has seen David play on youtube. David was also spotted by American blues guitarist, Walter Trout who asked David to jam with his band on his UK tour several years running. He also went on the set up the David Barton Jazz Trio which supported Katherine Jenkins and in 2005, David was scouted by Jamie Cullum and Yamaha UK as part of a National competition to play a gig with Jamie's band at the Royal Albert Hall to a sell out crowd. 

“I remember receiving a letter from Jamie and Yamaha asking me to join them in London at the Royal Albert Hall. It was the most surreal experience for an 18 year old from Hull. I'd never been to London. I'd not been on a train either! "


"Jamie was so kind and welcoming and I'll always remember his support and the opportunity he gave me to do that gig with him and his band at such an incredible and iconic venue."


In 2012 David started to introduce singing into his performances and that year entered a local star search competition, which David took first prize, singing a fine mix of songs from Billy Joel, Elton John and Jamie Cullum. 

“ I'd often sing at home when I was a kid. I used to sing ‘Ben’ by Michael Jackson and ‘The One And Only’ by Chesney Hawkes was a sure favourite. Though I'd never got up on stage to sing so it was pretty daunting first time, but now I enjoy it as much as playing the piano"

in 2013, David was performing keyboards in a local function band, alongside drummer David Naylor and Bassist Darren Sims. During a rehearsal session, David and the guys started jamming out some 1950's rock ‘n’ roll music. Things seem to gel and David asked the guys if they would like to join a rock ‘n’ roll piano group with him ? They did their first gig later that year and David had asked local pianist and signer Al Kilvo to come down as a guest at the show. Something magical happened that night on stage when Al and David performed together and there was no looking back!

‘Two Pianos - The Rock ‘n’ Roll Experience’ was born. 

Alongside Two Pianos, David writes and composes for theatre productions across the country. He also writes his own original material and is currently recording and producing a Blues Country Album due out in 2024!